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High Security Registration Plates

Step 1.
Receipt Number or Registration Number is asked for from User:-
Receipt Number/Registration Number is entered and corresponding vehicle details are displayed. For future communication mobile number of the applicant is captured so that he/she can be informed through SMS as and when the Smart Card based RC is ready.
Step 2.
Authorisation Slip :-
The system generates HSRP authorisation slip (in triplicate) containing details like Engine Number, Chassis Number, registration number etc. The vendor is given one copy of HSRP Authorisation Slip issued by RLA/STA and HSRP is prepared by him corresponding to that Registration Number.
Step 3.
HSRP Web Application interface for vendor :-
Vendor has access to the application based on the user rights permitted for the specific IP address thus not leaving any scope for an unauthorized person to access the application and make irrelevant changes. Only after verifying the details and the authenticity of the authorization letter, vendor charges fee for HSRP .
Step 4.
Web Application interface for vendor after HSRP preparation:-
After Preparation of HSRP, vendor logs into the application and enters Front and Rear Laser Ids – which are different and unique across the country. Also Vendor Reference Number is asked and then vendor’s Delivery Slip is generated and is handed over to Vehicle Owner.
Step 5.
Verification at RLA/STA office :-
Vehicle Owner visits RLA/STA Office with Vendor’s Delivery Slip. RLA/STA Official enters Vendor Reference Number and again verifies all the details based on the information displayed, information on the delivery slip and the information available physically on the plates and sticker.
Step 6.
Affixing of HSRP and sticker:-
RLA/STA official verifies the Front and Rear Laser IDs with that entered in the system by the vendor and updates the Status and asks the vendor to affix HSRPs and Sticker ( in case of Four and Three Wheeler) on Vehicle in the presence of Authorised RLA/STA Official. Both the front and rear HSRP are fitted with a non-reusable snap lock to make it tamper proof. The sticker, which is Chromium based third registration plate, is attached to the wind shield, wherein the number of engine and chassis are indicated along with the name of registering authority.